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Reliable Cabin, Our Name Is Enough To Ensure You That We Supply Tried And Tested Porta Cabins, Bunk House, Portable Cabins, Cafe & Shop Cabin, Portable Site Office Cabin, Bunk House Cabin & A Lot More.

About Us

One of the greatest issues which people are facing in the modern world is of Space. There was no such land space issue in the past years but with rising population, space has become one of the major areas of concern. Solving space issue is not so easy as it requires a whole lot of planning and strategies. Thinking for people facing space issue like no other companies can, Reliable Cabin is fabricating a vast assortment of all portable cabins and containers that as their name suggest are easy to shift, and relocate.

Serving since 2015 as a manufacturer and supplier, we are in the business of fabricating with care and to excellence Cargo Container, Porta Cabins, Bunk House, Portable Site Office Cabin, Small Living Cabin, and other portable spaces. A living space on wheels, a cooking space in the backyard, a shop in the corner of the street and what not, we are making prefabrication and portability possible for every space and for every use.

Go For Custom To Get Portable Cabin As Per Your Desire

Everyone these days is facing space issue, be a small scale company owner or a person living in posh area. Portability is the best means to do work within a space which is easy to shift after use and easy to install when required at a different place. So, for people facing space issue in or outside home and office, we are here to help them with our custom-made range of Portable Living Cabin, Portable Site Office Cabin, and more. Customers who want to avail our customization facility will have to tell us the specifics, like the type of cabin they want, which material they want for cabin, which size of cabin would fit in their space, etc.

Making You Buy The Right Portable Item

We help customers buy the right product from our store by offering what's good and what needs no alterations. Points that assure that we supply only right portable items are as follows:
  • We use best in grade G.I. Steel, M.S. Steel, MDF Boards, Angles, and Channels for constructing Portable Living Cabins, Site Office Cabin.
  • We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company that delivers on promised time and quote that suit customer' budget.
  • We have advance equipment and machinery to well and fast make portable products.
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